2nd Annual Connecting Health and Wellness Symposium
When: July 30, 2016 08:30 AM until 04:00 PM Eastern Time Zone
At Richard Bland College in Petersburg - An opportunity for the faith-based organizations and agencies to gather and work on health focused objectives and skills for their congregants and community members.
Event Details:

2nd Annual Connecting Health and Wellness Symposium

We would like to cordially invite the Tri-City area health ministry leadership to join the Area Health and Wellness Ministry for our second annual Connecting Health and Wellness Symposium. The theme this year is: Reaching Up to Prepare, Reaching Out to Prevent. The event will be held at Richard Bland College, a branch of William & Mary, on Saturday, July 30, 2016 from 8:30 AM - to 4:00 PM. The symposium provides an opportunity for the faith-based organizations and agencies to gather and work on health focused objectives and skills for their congregants and community members. Our objectives for this symposium are as follows:

  • Create collaborative partnerships that encourage and support trust between health focused project leaders and the faith based community.
  • Start the conversation as to how to demonstrate an unwavering commitment to find a collaborative way to serve the community beyond self-interest.
  • Collect tools to foster an environment of inclusivity where all partners and participants seek to honor different beliefs, values, and worldviews when acting as translators, brokers, advocates, educators, and co-learners in the realm of public health.
  • Identity community leaders and stakeholders who share commitments, can articulate a common mission, represent different voices and parts of the community, contribute to the deep bench of trust, and support each other to raise the health consciousness of the collective community.
  • Foster connections that are adept at initiating and giving time to maintain connectivity among local and external networks of organizations and leaders in order to share resources, lend support, and encourage relevancy.

The Area Health and Wellness Ministry (AHWM) is focused on strengthening health and wellness ministries in Petersburg area churches, and supporting the local church as an avenue for health improvement and disease prevention. It comprises a collection of health and wellness ministry leaders from multiple churches throughout the City.

EVERYONE MUST REGISTER FOR THIS EVENT - CLICK HERE TO REGISTER. We are calling for each faith based organization to bring their pastor, health ministry leader, and one health ministry supporter. Please help us spread the word about this wonderful event by disseminating the flyer to pastors and health ministry leadership and posting the picture of the flyer to all of your social media platforms. We look forward to seeing everyone on July 30th at 8:30 AM. The location of Richard Bland College (Ernest Hall) is 11301 Johnson Road, Petersburg, VA 23805.


Thank you for your support,

Area Health and Wellness Ministry

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Location: 11301 Johnson Road, Petersburg, VA, 23805
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