Fire and Rescue
Fire and Rescue

The Office of Public Safety was created in March 2002. This office oversees Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Management. Provides public education/safety training, responds to incidents of hazardous materials, grants, and risk managment.

Sussex Emergency Services

Jarratt Volunteer Fire Department The County of Sussex Emergency Services is provided by six (6) volunteer fire departments and two (2) volunteer rescue squads.

Fire Departments

Emergency Medical Services

Three licensed EMS agencies provide emergency medical care to the County of Sussex:

  • Waverly Rescue
  • Stony Creek Rescue
  • Jarratt Volunteer Fire Department

Emergency Operations Center

Stony Creek Volunteer Fire Department

The Office of Public Safety along with the Emergency Response Team will operate the (EOC) Emergency Operations Center whenever there is a man-made or natural disaster. The Emergency Operations Center will open and be in operation within 2 hours of an incident. Once opened, the Emergency Response Team will make decisions on shelter locations for the public, mass feeding, resource needs, assists from mutual aid agencies, and other public safety considerations.Emergency medical care is also provided by contractual arrangements with Lifestar Ambulance Service, Inc. and MTI.

During an emergency and once the (EOC) Emergency Operations Center has opened, the following phone numbers should be used for public assistance

Emergency Number : 911 (Regular Office Hours)

Emergency Operations Center : (434) 246-8224

CodeRED Alerts

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