Victim Witness Program
Victim Witness Program

Victim/Witness Assistance Program helps ensure fair and compassionate treatment to crime victims whether or not an arrest has been made. As a victim or witness, your role is an important one but the responsibilities may be unfamiliar to you. We will attempt to make you familiar with steps involved in bringing your case to trial and with services that are available to assist you in this difficult time. Please call the Sussex County Victim/Witness Assistance Program if:

  • You have questions about your role as a witness
  • You would like an explanation of court procedures
  • You would like a tour of the courtroom before you testify
  • You would like a separate waiting room during the proceedings
  • You need a referral for housing, financial, medical, or counseling assistance
  • You would like to be notified of the status of your case
  • You would like to be notified of the offender's status
  • You want assistance in preparing your Victim Impact Statement

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