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Why Invest in Sussex County, VA?

Sussex County offers a globally competitive location for expanding businesses, complete with direct access to rail and proximity to ports.

Within an hour, the Port of Virginia has four terminals, the deepest shipping channels on the East Coast, accommodates next-generation Panamax vessels, handles 2.3 million TEUs annually and has 30 miles of on-dock rail access. The county is also within 60 miles of three international airports and 10 municipal airports.

Centrally located on the East Coast and between the Richmond-Petersburg and Hampton Roads metro areas, the county has access to a workforce of more than 1.5 million, as well as 41 percent of the U.S. population within a 10-hour drive.

It is also within the Virginia Tobacco Commission territory, in a New Market Tax Credit Zone and is Foreign Trade Zone eligible, offering incentives, tax credits or customs flexibility, respectively.

Sussex County is primarily rural with small towns and a relaxed pace of life, but has access to a myriad of urban shopping, housing and entertainment options within a 30-minute drive in either direction.

Site Locations

  Sussex County Mega Site  Cabin Point Road Site  Henry Road Site  Henry Technology Commerce Center 

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