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Website Privacy Policy/Copyright

The protection of individual privacy is a concern of the County of Sussex.  We do not collect any personal identifiable information.  If at some point you decide to contact us via electronic message, it is kept in strict confidence.  We do not disclose, sell, share or trade any information  from our website.  Any information recorded from your electronic message is used solely to respond/fulfill your online request.

Copyright Policy

Unless a copyright is indicated, information on the County of Sussex web site is in the public domain and may be reproduced, published or otherwise used with the County of Sussex's permission.  We request only that the County of Sussex be cited as the source of the information and that any photo credits, graphics or byline be similarly credited to the photographer, author or County of Sussex as appropriate.

Links Policy

The purpose of  the County Web site is to provide information about the County's government, services, and attractions. The County's Web site may provide links to Web sites outside the County's Web site that also serve this purpose. The County is not responsible for and does not endorse the information on any linked Web site unless the County's site states otherwise. The following criteria will be used to decide whether to grant requests for County Web site links. If a particular request does not fit any of the following criteria, the County will decide whether to approve the request. The County will approve the requested  Web site link if it serves the general purpose of the County's Web site.

The County's Web site will provide links to Web sites for:

  • Governmental and educational institutions
  • Organizations with some relationships to the County(including but not limited to: organizations contracting with the County, organizations sponsoring County activities or programs, and organizations participating in County activities or programs)
  • Generally recognized community organizations
  • Organizations providing information about art, cultural, and sporting activities in the County's area
  • Organizations providing information about employment opportunities in the County's area
  • Organizations providing information about tourist attractions in the County's area

The County's Web site will not provide links to Web site for:

  • Candidates for local, state, or federal offfices
  • Political organizations or other organizations advocating a position on a local, state, federal issue
  • Corporate or other for-profit organizations unless they fit any of the criteria stated above
  • Individual or personal home pages


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