Notice of RFP: General Reassessment Services RFP #2020-01
The County of Sussex, Virginia ("County") requests qualified appraisal firms (hereinafter called the "firm") to submit proposals to enter into a contract for General Reassessment Services and perform and provide all the services and products required for the completion and delivery of the property assessment of all real property within the County of Sussex, effective for the tax year 2022 including all necessary technical and administrative assistance services in connection with such undertaking and in accordance with the requirements of the Commonwealth of Virginia.
Request for Proposals #2020-01: General Reassessment Services
The Appraiser's role is to work with the County of Sussex and serve as a professional assessor in order to establish the fair market value of each of the properties within the County, and with the understanding that in all cases, uniformity and equality are required under the laws of the State of Virginia with respect to class and/or property.
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