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Animal Control
Animal Control

  2021 Virginia Animal Control Association Announcement

Mother Nature is sending another round of cold, wintry weather across Virginia. It's important for all of us to stay safe but diligent and protect our four-legged friends.

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  Sussex County Animal Shelter COVID-19 Policies

As the county re-opens to the public on May 18th, 2020 the Animal Shelter will be operating as follows for adoptions, rescues and surrenders:

  1. All transactions will be conducted between the hours 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. outside only by appointments Monday through Friday.
  2. Adoptions:
    1. Adoption application must be submitted for approval/dis-approval by e-mail to: or
      1. Upon approval – a Meet and Greet with all family members including other pets will be set. During the Meet and Greet, face mask will be worn, Hand Sanitizer used prior to touching any animal. Once the Meet and Greet is completed, hand sanitizer is required again.
      2. All canines and felines will be spayed/neutered and receive their rabies vaccination prior to leaving the shelter for adoption.
      3. Adoption fee for canines $100.00 and felines $60.00
      4. Shelter accepts cash (exact amount) and checks from County residentscash only from out of County residents.
  3. Rescues/Transportation/Fosters
    1. Animal/paperwork brought outside to you.
  4. County residents surrendering pets/strays into shelter in person
    1. If possible please call 434-246-2167 prior to bringing pet/strays to shelter so staff know to expect you.

The above is to protect the canines and felines from possible contact with the virus. CDC states: it appears that the virus can spread from people to animals in some situations.



Our mission is to protect and improve the welfare of the animals and citizens of Sussex County through humane education, enforcement, and professional presence, to provide a safe, humane shelter for unwanted, stray, abused, and lost animals, to promote responsible animal care and ownership, and to reduce the number of unwanted pets culminating in a safer and more desirable community for the citizens of Sussex County.

If You are a New Resident of Sussex County

Anyone bringing a dog or cat into Sussex County that is not vaccinated against rabies must have the animal inoculated by a currently licensed veterinarian within thirty days from when it is brought into the county. Dogs must be licensed within the same time frame. If the animal is currently vaccinated, a certificate of vaccination must be available upon request, where the animal is housed, to the Animal Control Officer or any law enforcement officer.

Sussex County Animal Care & Services Division Manual

Sussex County Division of Animal Control has changed its title to “Sussex County Animal Care and Services.” The “ACO” designation is now known as “ASO” for Animal Services Officer. Duties are to be the same as outlined in § 3.2-6555 of the Code of Virginia and Chapter 4 of the County Code.

“Animal Control Officer” means a person appointed as an animal control officer or deputy animal control officer as provided in § 3.2-6555.

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