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Clerk of Circuit Court
Clerk of Circuit Court

The Clerk of Circuit Court is a state constitutional officer as set forth in the Constitution of Virginia and is a primary recorder and depository for all county records. This is an elected position that serves an eight-year term. The Clerk's office is regulated by the State Code of Virginia and the Sussex County Code.

Clerk of Circuit Court in Sussex, VA

The Clerk of the Circuit Court handles the recordation of land transfers; financing statements and judgment liens; criminal matters of a felony nature and misdemeanor appeals; the probate of wills; and also the recordation of estate papers. Marriages and divorces are also filed in this office. Sussex County land records, wills and marriage records began in 1754. Due to the attention, determination and dedication of the current and previous clerks, most of the important county records have survived through the years.

The Clerk of the Circuit Court issues hunting and fishing licenses. Notaries and other public officials, elected or appointed, are qualified through this office.

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Online Access to Land Records

For those who frequently need access to deeds to real estate property, contact the Clerk of the Circuit Court directly at (434) 246-1012. Land records from 1754 to the most recently completed deed book have been digitized (plats up to July 2012), and can be accessed via the internet for an annual fee of $300, or a semi-annual fee of $150. Wills and estate records are not available for online access, but an index to judgement liens from 2004 is included.

Payment of Traffic Fines

The Sussex County General District Court is the traffic court, and can be reached at (434) 246-1029, (434) 246-1032, or (434) 246-1033.

Probate Matters

Appointments are recommended for probating wills and qualifying on estates.

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