Notice of RFQ 2018-01: Manufactured Homes
Notice of RFQ 2018-01: Manufactured Homes
The County of Sussex, Virginia is seeking qualifications from manufacturers of modular buildings suitable for use as permanent single-family permanent housing

The purpose of this Request for Qualifications is to solicit responses from qualified companies to furnish and install Modular Homes to the County as identified in the “Scope of ‘Work” of this request (Appendix A).

The County is soliciting Quotation qualifications to be received by 2:00PM (EST) on January 14, 2019.

Proposal shall be submitted to:

County of Sussex, Virginia
Attn: Mrs. Shilton R. Butts
Post Office Box 1397 Sussex, Virginia 23884
Phone (434) 246-1000

For further instructions, please refer to detailed Request for Qualification on the County’s website at

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