June is Reunification Month
June is Reunification Month
This June, VDSS will celebrate the accomplishments of the many parents who work tremendously hard to overcome challenges and barriers in order to have their children's custody returned to them.

Reunification Month

We also celebrate the many foster parents, child welfare professionals, attorneys, judges, treatment providers, and family members who support them in this work.

Family reunification is the process of returning a child to his or her family of origin following a placement in foster care. In Virginia, not only is reunification the primary goal for children in foster care, it is also the most common outcome.

Research finds that children do best when raised in their own families, whenever possible. In order to successfully achieve reunification, challenges associated with the birth parents must be thoroughly addressed as the child’s safety and well-being are paramount. This requires the support of the child welfare professionals and the child’s foster parents.

To learn more about reunification, visit fosterva.com.

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