Building Inspections
Before you Build

Before, any new construction or improvements can be made to property located in Sussex County, zoning approval and building permits must be obtained. The first step is for the property owner or building contractor to complete an application. Applications are available at the Department of Building Inspections.

How To Apply

At the time of application, the following information must be provided:

  • Approved and recorded plats (2 copies) of the property indicating the location of the construction and distances from all property lines and structures.
  • Two (2) sets of plans including wall sections, elevations and floor plans. (If commercial structure, plans must have architect's or engineer's stamp or seal).

Approval Process

The Director of Planning will review the application for compliance with the Zoning Ordinance, Site Plan and Conditional Use Permit (if applicable). Approvals from the Health Department and Department of Transportation may be required prior to issuance of a building permit. The application is returned to the Building Official for issuance

Certificate of Occupancy

Prior to occupancy, a Certificate of Occupancy must be issued by the Building Official and Department of Planning. A certificate of occupancy will not be issued until all final inspections are approved, including any inspections required by the Planning Department.


Permits will not be needed for ordinary repairs. Ordinary repairs shall include:

  1. Painting.
  2. Roofing less than 100 square feet (10X10).
  3. Replacing glass not located within hazardous locations.
  4. Replacing doors, except in the fire rated walls or exit walls.
  5. Floor coverings and porch flooring.
  6. Repairs to plaster, interior tile work and other wall coverings.
  7. Cabinets installed in residential occupancies.
  8. Utility sheds less than 256 square feet.
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