Building Inspections
Type of Inspections

Required Inspections

  1. Erosion & Sediment Control (E&S) - Erosion and sediment control inspections (E&S) must be completed on all building and land disturbing projects. E&S control measures (i.e., silt fence, construction entrance, etc.) must be installed as shown on E&S plan or as instructed by the Codes Compliance Specialist at the Pre-screening meeting and agreed upon on the Agreement in Lieu of plan form. E&S inspections will also be conducted periodically during construction but a minimum of every two weeks to ensure the E&S measures are being maintained. In the event that the E&S inspection is rejected a notice of violation will be issued. The list of deficiencies must be corrected within the timeframe given on the notice. If the Notice of Violation is ignored and the E&S measures are not corrected a Stop Work Order will be issued. This Stop Work Order will apply to ALL (Building and E&S) work at the location in question and no further inspections will be performed until the E&S measures are corrected.

  2. Temp Pole - At least one GFI receptacle and in use cover 2 ground rods minimum of 6 feet apart.

  3. Footing - Footing inspection required after trenches have been excavated, forms and grade stakes have been erected, before concrete is placed. Note 18" to the bottom of the footing, 8" min. concrete thickness. Wooden grade stakes are not recommended to be used in the bottom of footings.

  4. Foundation - To be made when block foundation wall has been completed and the floor joists and sill plates are installed, but before the sub-floor is placed.

  5. Marriage Wall - Required on all multi-sectional units. This inspection will be done when all connections (floor, walls, ceiling and roof) have been made and are accessible for inspection. The manufacturer's/installation documents shall be on site for review at the time of inspection.

  6. Plumb Slab - Required after the installation of all plumbing pipe to be in the slab and before any concrete is placed. Tests must be on all DWV and water lines.

  7. Slab - Required after reinforcing and vapor retarder have been set and before any concrete is placed. Slope to the overhead door.

  8. Rough-In- Inspection of piers and strapping for mobile, manufactured or modular homes.

    • Inspection of piers and strapping for mobile, manufactured or modular homes.

    • Plumbing - Required after all drain, waste, vent, and water distribution piping has been installed. Drain, waste and vent shall be filled with water or provided with 5 psi of positive air pressure at the time of the inspection. Water piping shall be provided with water test at a minimum 50 psi for a minimum of 15 minutes (or manufacturer's required test) with no measurable loss at the time of the inspection.

    • Mechanical - Required after duct work has been installed including: boots, returns, refrigerant lines and condensate line. Supply and return opening must be covered.

    • Electrical - Required after all wiring has been pulled for ceiling fans, smoke detectors, switches, receptacles and all other appliances.

    • Power Release - Required after the meter base and panel box have been set and the system has been properly grounded. At least one receptacle outlet on a ground fault protected circuit shall be installed and the circuit wiring terminated. The building must be "dried in" meaning installation of final roof covering, windows, doors, exterior wall covering, etc.

    • Gas - Gas inspection with pressure test shall be by means of a 30 psi gauge with a test pressure of 15 psi showing on the gauge.

    • Framing - Required to be made with the rough-in plumbing, mechanical, and electrical inspections. Truss drawings bearing the engineer's stamp must be provided on-site for the inspector's review. A stamped copy must also be received by this office prior to requesting this inspection.

    • Veneer - Checked on rough framing. Required after exterior sheathing, flashings, and weather resistant membranes have been installed

  9. Water and Sewer - Required for all structures that tap (connect) to a public water and sewer provider. This is not required for structures serviced by a pricate well and private septic system. This inspection is performed once the appropriate trenches have benn dug, the piping has been placed in the trench and the appropriate test has been placed on the piping. No backfill shall be placed on the piping until after the Water and Sewer (W&S) inspection has been approved.

  10. Insulation - Required after insulation has been installed in sidewalls and other areas that will be concealed but prior to the installation of wall coverings.

  11. Final - Required after insulation has been completed, yard has been graded, address has been permanently posted as required, soil treatment has been performed, and building is ready to be occupied. To insure timely issuance of Certificate of Occupancy, a Virginia Department of Health Sewage Disposal System Operation Permit must be issued by the Sussex County Health Department (SCHD) prior to requesting a final building inspection. Allow 5 working days for SCHD to issue operation permit after all required inspections are performed and all required paperwork has been received. Please call (434) 246-8611 for any questions regarding your Operation Permit. Also please make sure a copy of your Soil Treatment has been forwarded to the Building Department.
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