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Commonwealth's Attorney Jobs

Posted: May 5, 2020

Assistant Commonwealth Attorney

Department: Sussex County Commonwealth’s Attorney Office
Employment Status: Regular, Full Time, Non-Exempt
Salary: Negotiable based on experience


The purpose of this position is to assist the office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney in the prosecution of criminal cases for Sussex County.

  • Assist the Commonwealth’s Attorney in prosecuting criminal defendants
  • Present witnesses, objects, photographs and other evidence of crimes by accused persons in court;
  • Interview investigators, victims and other witnesses to criminal activity;
  • Obtain indictments of accused criminals or formal charges from grand juries;
  • Prepare and present legal briefs;
  • Review body camera video, jail calls and all other electronic and social media information;
  • Prepare indictment forms, motions, proposed jury instructions, notices and other court documents;
  • Prepare and respond to discovery orders;
  • Make, receive and evaluate plea offers;
  • Assist or oversee detectives, investigators, and other law enforcement in gathering evidence;
  • Prepare and present witnesses for trial
  • Explain process and reason for certain decisions to victims or their family members.

Candidates need skills in interpreting statutes and rules, applying criminal law to facts and determining the significance of testimony or other items of evidence. The analysis also consists of assessing the credibility of witnesses based on factors such as bias or inconsistency in statements. Possess critical thinking and problem-solving skills and abilities. Eligible candidates must possess 3- 5 years of trial litigation experience. Must possess professional ethics, persuasive and organizational skills and abilities.


Must be licensed to practice law in the Commonwealth of Virginia and be in good standing with the Virginia State Bar. Please send resume and certificate of good standing to

Resumes must be submitted prior to closing date of May 15, 2020.

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