Sheriff's Department
Flock Safety

Notice of Award of Contract For Flock Cameras/Sole Source Determination

Flock Safety is the sole manufacturer and developer of the Flock Safety ALPR Camera. Flock Safety is also the sole provider of the comprehensive monitoring, processing, and machine vision services which integrate with the Flock Safety ALPR Camera.

The Flock Safety ALPR camera and devices are the only Law Enforcement Grade ALPR System to offer the following combination of proprietary features:

1. Vehicle Fingerprint Technology™:

  • Patented proprietary machine vision to analyze vehicle license plate, state recognition, and vehicle attributes such as color, type, make and objects (roof rack, bumper stickers, etc.) based on image analytics (not car registration data)
  • Machine vision to capture and identify characteristics of vehicles with a paper license plate and vehicles with the absence of a license plate
  • Ability to ‘Save Search’ based on description of vehicles using our patented Vehicle Fingerprint Technology without the need for a license plate, and set up alerts based on vehicle description
  • Only LPR provider with “Visual Search” which can transform digital images from any source into an investigative lead by finding matching vehicles based on the vehicle attributes in the uploaded photo
  • Falcon Flex™: an infrastructure-free, location-flexible license plate reader camera that is easy to self install. Falcon Flex ties seamlessly into the Flock ecosystem with a small and lightweight camera with the ability to read up to 30,000 license plates and vehicle attributes on a single battery charge

2. Integrated Cloud-Software & Hardware Platform:

  • Ability to capture two (2+) lanes of traffic simultaneously with a single camera from a vertical mass
  • Best in class ability to capture and process up to 30,000 vehicles per day with a single camera powered exclusively by solar power
  • Wireless deployment of solar powered license plate reading cameras with integrated cellular communication weighing less than 5lbs and able to be powered solely by a solar panel of 60W or less
  • Web based footage retrieval tool with filtering capabilities such as vehicle color, vehicle type, vehicle manufacturer, partial or full license plate, state of license plate, and object detection
  • Utilizes motion capture to start and stop recording without the need for a eflective plate
  • Motion detection allows for unique cases such as bicycle capture, ATV, motorcycle, etc.
  • On device machine processing to limit LTE bandwidth consumption
  • Cloud storage of footage
  • Covert industrial design for minimizing visual pollution

3. Transparency & Ethical Product Design:

  • One-of-a-kind “Transparency Portal” public-facing dashboard that details the policies in place by the purchaser, as well as automatically updated metrics from the Flock system
  • Built-in integration with NCMEC to receive AMBER Alerts to find missing children
  • Privacy controls to enable certain vehicles to “opt-out” of being captured

4. Integrated Audio & Gunshot Detection:

  • Natively integrated audio detection capabilities utilizing machine learning to recognize audio signatures typical of crimes in progress (e.g., gunshots)

5. Live Video Integration:

  • Ability to apply computer vision to third-party cameras using Wing™ LPR, transforming them to evidence capture devices using the same Vehicle Fingerprint technology offered on the Flock Safety Falcon™ ALPR cameras
  • Wing™ Livestream integrates live stream traffic cameras, publicly or privately owned livestream security cameras into one cloud-based situational awareness dashboard to increase response time in mission-critical incidents
  • Manage various government intelligence including ALPR, livestream cameras, CAD, automatic vehicle location (AVL) on Flock Safety’s Wing™ Suite
  • Access Wing™ Replay to unlock enhanced situational awareness with 7-day footage retention, Hot List Live Video Instant Replay, and downloadable MP4

6. Partnerships:

  • Flock Safety is the only LPR provider to officially partner with AXON to be natively and directly integrated into
  • Flock Safety is the only LPR provider to be fully integrated into a dynamic network of Axon’s Fleet 3 mobile ALPR cameras for patrol cars and Flock Safety’s Falcon cameras
  • Access to additional cameras purchased by our HOA and private business partners, means an ever-increasing amount of cameras and data at no additional cost

7. Warranty & Service:

  • Lifetime maintenance and support included in subscription price
  • Flock Safety is the only fully integrated ALPR one-stop solution from production of the camera to delivery and installation
  • Performance monitoring software to predict potential failures, obstructions, tilts, and other critical or minor issues


Thank you,
Garrett Langley CEO, Flock Safety