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Safely Discarding Household Sharps

Waste Management is reminding customers who inject medications from home on how to properly discard household sharps. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), each year 600,000 to 800,000 people are injured by sharps. Properly disposing of syringes and sharps is part of your responsibility in protecting your family and community members from potential needlestick injuries.

To learn more on the rules and regulations in your state visit: You can also purchase a special disposal container similar to those used by medical facilities.

Waste Management facilitates the “MedWaste Tracker” which is recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency for safe needle disposal. To learn more about MedWaste Tracker visit:

You can help prevent those injuries by following a few simple steps when disposing of sharps and syringes.

  • Sharps should never be thrown loosely into your curbside trash toter or recycling bin.

  • Place sharps waste in a rigid, leak-proof container with a secure lid, such as a laundry detergent or bleach bottle.

  • Use the container to store all sharps until it is filled half way. Be sure to store your collection container away from children and animals.

  • Sharps should be disinfected prior to being placed into the garbage. Mix: 1 tablespoon of bleach, and 1 Pint of water (16 0z.). Pour the mixture into the container and seal.

  • Label the container before disposing. Using a permanent marker, write the following on the container: “TREATED SHARPS, NON RECYCLEABLE”

  • Tape or tie the open end of the container and place it in a garbage bag.

  Download the Flyer from Waste Management

Convenience Centers

Sussex County Residents, who have missed their scheduled trash pick-up or do not receive trash removal services at all, can dispose of their waste at any of the 9 Convenience Centers located throughout Sussex County. Please deposit all waste in plastic bags as to prevent items from being carried away by wind, animals, etc.

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  NOTICE: Bulk household items and construction and demolition debris are not permitted at the Atlantic Waste Disposal convenience center.  Sussex County residents will be allowed free disposal of bulk household items but must go across the scale and show proof of residency and then will be directed to the landfill disposal area.  The convenience center is under 24-hour surveillance and violators may be prosecuted. 

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