Dog Tags

Dogs Playing

Dog tags go on sale November 1st and are required to be purchased by January 31st annually.

Sussex County requires that all dogs four (4) months old or older be licensed. Owners who purchased a dog tag for the prior year will receive a renewal form by November 1st. If the rabies vaccination has expired on the renewal form, or no renewal form was received, a current rabies vaccination certificate which has been signed by a licensed veterinarian must be presented at the time of purchase.


  • Individual Tags - $7.00
  • 20 Dog Kennel - $35.00
  • 50 Dog Kennel - $50.00

To purchase kennel tags the purchaser must present, each year, a valid rabies certificate for each dog maintained in the kennel. A minimum of five (5) dogs is required to qualify for kennel tags. Kennel tags will only be sold for valid kennels.

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