Important Dates
January 15th
  • Estimated State Income Tax
January 31st
February 5th
  • DMV stops are placed that block all DMV transactions with the Department of Motor Vehicles for unpaid personal property taxes without a valid payment plan in place
May 1st
  • State income tax returns and personal property tax returns are due Estimated State Income Tax – 1st Quarter Due
June 15th
  • Estimated State Income Tax – 2nd Quarter Due
July 1st
  • Liens are recorded on all delinquent real estate taxes Interest is added to all delinquent taxes at the rate of 8% annually
September 15th
  • Estimated State Income Tax – 3rd Quarter Due
  • Annual County Tax bills are mailed
November 1st
  • County dog tags go on sale
December 5th
  • Real Estate, Personal Property, and Vehicle License Taxes are due! *Last day to pay before 10% penalty is added
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