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Board of Supervisors
2017 Sussex County Action Agenda
  1. Expand wireless technology (broadband) across the county.
  2. Develop a strategy for bringing online a state of the art business/industrial park in Sussex County.
  3. Develop a MOU with the Sussex County School Board outlining the Board of Supervisors fiscal commitment (formula) in support of public education in the county.
  4. Develop an agreement with each agency, department and service provider who receives county funding that a year-end report detailing how the county funds were spent and the impact the spending generated will be prepared and shared with the BoS.
  5. Place the adopted Sussex County vision-mission-strategic initiatives summary on the county’s website and appropriate letterhead.
  6. Draft and adopt a fiscal policy statement for Sussex County.
  7. Develop an employee staffing plan (full-time and part-time) that will allow the county to meet its fiscal and public service objectives.
  8. Develop and adopt a Code of Performance statement that demonstrates the Board’s commitment to witnessing the values and practices inherent with good governance.
  9. Require all county funded departments and service providers, inclusive of constitutional officers and the county school system, to identify cost saving measures. The target threshold is 5%.
  10. Develop a 5 year revenue and expenditure forecast focused on programs and services sponsored by Sussex County inclusive of personnel costs, support costs and capital costs.
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