Planning and Zoning Department
Fee Schedule

Sussex County Land Use Fees

Land Use Category


Conditional Use Permit Application $500
Land Disturbance Permit Application per acre $300 + $10
Variance/Special Use Application $600 
Zoning Permit  $75
Plat Approval (Family Division and Boundary Line Adjustments) $50 per plat
Site Plan, Review per acre $500 + $10
VDOT Traffic Impact Analysis (Projects generating over 100 vehicles an hour) $1000
VDOT Traffic Impact Analysis (Projects generating up to 100 vehicles an hour) $500


Subdivision Review Fees


More than 5 lots (per lot) $300 + $10
5 lots or less (per lot) $100 + $10
Conditional Use Permit (New Communication/Cellular Tower) $5,000
Co-Location on Existing Tower Fee $2,000
Appeal to Board of Zoning Appeals  $600
County Map $10
Zoning Ordinance $25
Subdivision Ordinance $20
Comprehensive Plan  $35
E911 Address $10
Certificate of Zoning Compliance $25
Zoning/DMV Compliance Letters $25
Request for Private Road Name/Sign $300
Request for Road Name Change  $250
Request to amend the Comp Plan $500 
Request to amend the Zoning/Subdivision Ordinance amendment  $500 per amendment
Amendment to a Proffered Rezoning or a Conditional Use Permit Application $300
Renewal of an existing Conditional Use Permit $300


Re-Zoning Fees


$500 + additional per acreage charge as follows:  
To A-1 No additional
To: R-R, R-E $20 per acre
To: R-1 $30 per acre
To B-1, B-2, B-3 $40 per acre
To: I-1, I-2 $50 per acre
To: Planned Unit Development (PUD) or any Manufcatured Home Park District $60 per acre