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Sussex County Erosion and Sediment Control Ordinance

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Adopted July 20th, 2006


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Sussex County Noise Ordinance

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Sussex County Subdivision Ordinance

An ordinance to regulate the subdivision of property into lots, streets, alleys and other public areas, to provide for the making and recording of plats of such subdivisions and the certification of same and provide of the approval of plats.

Whereas, by the act know as the Virginia Land Subdivision Act found in the Code of Virginia 1950, Section 15-779, et. seq., the Board of Supervisors of Sussex County, Virginia, is authorized to adopt regulations to assure the orderly subdivision of land and its development of the county, for the coordination of streets within subdivision of land with other existing or planned streets, for adequate open spaces for traffic, recreation, light and air, and for distribution of population and traffic which will tend to create conditions favorable to health, safety, convenience and prosperity.

The Sussex County Subdivision Ordinance was adopted for the subdivision of land within unincorporated portions of the County of Sussex, and from and after the effective date of this ordinance, every owner or proprietor of any tract of land to which these regulations apply who subdivides such tract as provided in these regulations shall cause a plat of such subdivision developed and prepared in accordance with these regulations, with reference to known or permanent monuments, to be made and recorded in the Office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court wherein deeds conveying such land are required by law to be recorded.

The purpose of this ordinance is to establish certain subdivision standards and procedures for Sussex County, Virginia, and such of its environs has come under this jurisdiction of the governing body as provided for by the 1950 Code of Virginia, as amended.

These are part of a long-range plan to guide and facilitate the orderly beneficial growth of the community, and to promote the public health, safety, convenience, comfort, prosperity and general welfare. More specifically, the purpose of these standards and procedures are to provide a guide for the change that occurs when lands and acreage become urban in character as a result of development for residential, business or industrial purposes, to provide assurance that the purchasers of lots are buying a commodity that is suitable for development and use; and to make possible the provision of public service in a safe, adequate and efficient manner. Subdivided land sooner or later becomes a public responsibility in that roads and streets must be maintained and numerous public services customary to urban areas must be provided. This ordinance assists the County in meeting these responsibilities. 


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Sussex County Zoning Ordinance

The Sussex County Zoning Ordinance along with the County’s Zoning map has been adopted by the governing board for the purpose of promoting the health, safety or general welfare of the public and of further accomplishing the objectives of the Code of Virginia, Section 15.1- 427.

The Sussex County Zoning Ordinance was designed to give reasonable consideration to each of the following purposes, where applicable:
  1. To provide for adequate light, air, convenience of access, and safety from fire, flood and other dangers;
  2. To reduce or prevent congestion in the public streets;
  3. To facilitate the creation of a convenient, attractive and harmonious community;
  4. To facilitate the provision of adequate police and fire protection, disaster evacuation, civil defense, transportation, water, sewerage, flood protection, schools, parks, forests, playgrounds, recreational facilities, airports and other public requirements;
  5. To protect against destruction of or encroachment upon historic areas;
  6. To protect against one (1) or more of the following: overcrowding of land, undue density of population in relation to the community facilities existing or available, obstruction of light and air, danger and congestion in travel and transportation , or loss of life, health, or property from fire, flood, panic or other danger:
  7. To encourage economic development activities that provide desirable employment and enlarge the tax base;
  8. To provide for the preservation of agricultural and forest lands; and
  9. To protect approach slopes and other safety areas of licenses airports.
  10. Such ordinances may also include reasonable provisions, not inconsistent with applicable state water quality standards, to protect surface water and groundwater as defined on Code of Virginia, Section 62.1-44.85(8).
For purpose of this ordinance, the unincorporated areas of the county are hereby classified into the following districts:
  1. General Agricultural, A-1
  2. Rural Residential, R-R
  3. Residential Estates, R-E
  4. General Residential, R-1
  5. Residential, manufactured/mobile homes, R-2
  6. Limited Business, B-1
  7. General Business, B-2
  8. Shopping Center District, B-3
  9. Limited Industrial, I-1
  10. General Industrial, I-2
  11. Floodplain Overlay District, F-1


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Sussex County Solar Ordinance

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Adopted February 17th, 2022


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