Planning and Zoning Department
Planning and Zoning FAQs
  • How is my property zoned?

    • Any person desiring to know the zoning of a parcel of land prior to building must contact the Commissioner of Revenue to indentify the parcel’s tax map number. Upon receiving that number, one can contact the planning & zoning department for a formal classification. County Zoning Classifications currently include:

      • A-1, General Agricultural 
      • R-R, Rural Residential 
      • R-E, Residential Estate 
      • R-1, General Residential 
      • R-2, Rural Manufactured/Mobile Home Park 
      • B-1, Limited Business 
      • B-2, General Business 
      • B-3, Shopping Center 
      • I-1, Limited Industrial 
      • I-2, General Industrial PUD, Planned Unit Development
  • How much land do I need to build a house?

    • The amount of land required to construct a home will vary based upon the zoning classification of your specific property; however, the majority of land located outside the town limits is zoned A-1; General Agricultural. The minimum acreage for constructing a home in the A-1: General Agricultural District is two (2) acres. It is advised that you contact the planning department for specific acreage requirements when planning to construct a new residential dwelling.

  • Can I subdivide my property?

    • The subdivision of property in Sussex County depends upon the size and zoning classification of the property to be subdivided. Please contact the Planning Department for a copy of the subdivision regulations which outline the procedure for subdividing property.

  • How can I receive an E-911 street address?

    • E-911/ street addresses are assigned after submittal of a building permit application. The Sussex County Planning Department does not issue addresses to vacant property.

  • My street sign is missing what do I do?

    • Please contact the Planning Department to report all missing or damaged street signs located outside of the town limits. If possible, please be able to provide the location of the missing sign. 

  • Is my property located within the limits of the 100-year flood plain?

    • Flood Plain determinations are provided by the Sussex County Planning Department utilizing FEMA’s flood rate insurance (FIRM) maps. (FEMA Map Service Center)

  • Is my property located in wetlands?

    • Please contact the Army Corp of Engineers, for wetland delineations. 

  • What do I have to do before I can build on my land?

      • Prior to building, contact the Planning Department to ascertain the zoning of your property
      • Contact the Health Department to complete an application for well & septic
      • If you are located in an area served by Public water and sewer please contact the Sussex Service Authority (SSA) or the Greensville County Water and Sewer Authority (GWSA) for the requirements for connections to public water and sewer facilities and for the payment of relevant tap fees
      • Complete an application for Building & Zoning
  • How do I change the zoning of my property?

    • One may request that the zoning of their property be changed by submitting an application for re-zoning. (Link to application) Applicants seeking rezoning to residential should be aware that the County has a cash proffer policy (Cash Proffer Policy) in place. Request for Zoning Changes require approval by the Sussex County Board of Supervisors. (Add Rezoning Process)

  • Where can I get a hard copy of the County’s Comprehensive plan, Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Ordinance?

    • Copies of the land use ordinances can be obtained from the Planning Department.

  • When am I required to submit a site plan?

    • For the following uses, a site plan shall be submitted to an approved by the zoning administrator:
      1. Multiple-family dwellings
      2. Townhouses 
      3. Churches, schools, hospitals, nursing homes and public buildings, parks and playgrounds;
      4. Business and industrial buildings and development 
      5. Manufactured/mobile home parks
      6. Residential Subdivisions and Planned Unit Developments
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